Sports at Shiva Niketan

We at Shiva Niketan School (SNS), believe that physical education and sports are essential to the physical well-being and development of not only healthy bodies, but also healthy attitudes which helps them deal with the ups and downs of life. Sports teaches them healthy co-operation and competition. Trained Sports Coaches, ensure that our students explore various sports and physical activities.

Our students participate in competitions at various levels. Students take part in Intra-School and Inter-School competitions at District level and few of our students have taken part in State and National level sports competitions.


At Shiva Niketan School we are committed to training and encouraging basketball as a game for our students with the assistance of trained coaches. Separate basketball classes for all interested students are organized where they can work on their skills of becoming tomorrow’s NBA stars.

Every year, various sports activities are organized which include Inter-school Basketball Competition, Sports Day, Inter-house Basketball Tournament, and Summer Camp activities where our players get a chance to play friendly matches.


SNS boasts of cricket grounds and cricket practice nets for our young cricketers. Our experienced coaches facilitate good training to provide the students with the desired platform from which they can work their way up to become professionals if they so desire.


Shiva Niketan School trains the students with the skills required to play football.

Shiva Niketan School encourages students to participate in football matches and competitions and embolden them to take up a career in Football in future under the guidance of our trained football coaches. Every possible effort is made to provide all possible opportunities to our young amateurs.


VOLLEYBALL – is another game we actively encourage.

“Practice Makes a Man Perfect” – and we give our students ample practice in this game. Participation in Inter-house volleyball matches is encouraged. The Annual Sports Meet, Summer Camp, and several other competitions give kids opportunities to play friendly matches.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis – a game of skill, coordination, speed, alertness- is actively encouraged to equip our students with all these qualities. As in all other games, we look for potential professionals of the future. Encouraging the students to follow their passion is what we at SNS believe in.


ATHLETICS – Athletics is integrated into our educational philosophy.

The primary objective of our athletics program is to provide opportunities for student-athletes to develop positive attitudes and discipline.

Indoor Games

We at Shiva Niketan School (SNS) know that indoor games play a crucial role in the holistic development of a child. Keeping this in mind, SNS provides ample opportunities for the students to excel in indoor sports like Carom, Chess and Badminton.

Minor Games

At Shiva Niketan School (SNS) various interclass competitions are held throughout the year. A variety of games like Kho-Kho, Kabadi, Throwball are played, and the emphasis is on the participation of all students and to have a healthy competition.


Badminton – an indoor game teaches speed, proper footwork and strategy amongst other things. The coach ensures that all players get ample opportunities to learn the art of good footwork.

We award Medals, Trophies, and Participation Certificates to the players to laud their efforts. We at SNS endeavour to provide a platform for our students’ successes, be it in academics, cultural, or in the arena of sports.


Taking up an active hobby such as skating can help a child to keep fit and healthy, while also leading to healthy habits in adulthood. Roller skating works for almost every major muscle group in the body.

So, in addition to all other activities we provide skating lessons to our children, Our Skating sessions are taught by trained professionals, and practice sessions are held at the school’s skating rink.

Running Track

Our school features a top-notch running track, providing students with an excellent space for physical activity and sports. This facility promotes fitness, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles, enriching our students’ educational experience.


Our school boasts a cutting-edge turf , offering students an exceptional space for physical activities and sports. This facility promotes fitness, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles, enriching our students’ overall educational experience.

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